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Reduction Mammoplasty Aids Those with Oversized Breasts

Reduction mammoplasty is a procedure in which a volumetric reduction of the breast is carried out. The process improves the nipple-areola complex and helps improve the shape of the breast. The surgery is performed to relieve the discomfort that is commonly associated with overly large breasts. The procedure is also known as Mammoplasty surgery. Overly […]

Sagging Eyelids and Eyelid Surgery

Drooping and sagging eyelids may lead to a doctor recommending Blepharoplasty; a kind of surgical procedure that repairs sagging or drooping eyelids. The technique may inculcate the removal of excess fat, skin and muscle. As the aging process makes its way around to everyone at some time or other, your eyelids may stretch, forcing the […]

Neck Lifts Sculpt and Contour a Drooping Neck

It is difficult to hide your age since aging brings along with it wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and fat pockets that are clearly visible on your face and neck. However, cosmetic science has advanced and come a long way over the years, providing improved treatments for people wanting to look and feel younger. Neck […]

Rhinoplasty Surgery and Cartilage Grafts

Millions the world over suffer from ageing related problems or physical injury that affects the nose. These can disfigure the shape of the nose and create aesthetic and medical complications if serious. A rhinoplasty surgery changes the shape of the nose to make it functional and look appealing at the same time. It is a […]