Neck Lifts Sculpt and Contour a Drooping Neck

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It is difficult to hide your age since aging brings along with it wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and fat pockets that are clearly visible on your face and neck. However, cosmetic science has advanced and come a long way over the years, providing improved treatments for people wanting to look and feel younger.

Neck Lift for a Drooping Neck

Generally, neck skin in adults (especially those in their late thirties and forties) hang, making them appear tired and older; these symptoms are most often caused by gravity, aging and weight fluctuations. For such people, a neck lift might just be the answer. Are you one? Read through.


Just before a neck lift is performed, a general anesthesia is administered. The incision points might be placed around your ears and beneath your chin. The sagging skin will be trimmed and the remaining skin along with the underlying tissue will be tightened until the desired contour, smoothness and shape are achieved. Incisions are then closed with sutures.

Neck lift is the ideal solution to reshape your baggy neck. You can notice instant results; yes, you will see the desired changes almost immediately after the procedure. Neck lift is widely preferred for regaining a youthful look; it is a simple procedure yet offers outstanding effects that boost your positivity and confidence from within. However, make sure to get your neck lift treatment from a reputed cosmetic professional for best results.