Policy Guidelines

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IntroPolicy Guidelines for the Resumption of Elective Patient Care and Surgery at Ambulatory Puyallup Surgicenter during & following the 2020 COVID-19 Crisis


  1. Purpose: To provide a safe environment for patients, staff, and all visitors to Ambulatory Puyallup Surgicenter by attempting to prevent COVID-19 transmission from asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals. Attempted achievement of this objective will be through the implementation of (A) source control for all persons entering the facility and participating in facility-related activities regardless of symptom status and (B) methodology for transmission risk reduction for all persons once they have entered the facility. All persons entering the facility and participating in facility-related activities will participate in an active screening process for the presence of COVID-19 symptomatology. All persons entering the facility and participating in facility-related activities will also participate in activities designed to reduce transmission risk reduction once facility-related activities are commenced.
  2. Considerations and Recommendations: The following considerations and recommendations are based on available information extracted from accepted guidelines presented & offered by the WA state Department of Health & Gubernatorial office, US Center for Disease Control, American Society of Plastic Surgery, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and MultiCare Health System & Good Samaritan Hospital of Puyallup, WA.
    Future updates and guidelines from the noted institutions will influence these policies as is appropriate. It is anticipated that future WA state/regional/county/local regulations will supersede the current recommendations within this document.
  3. Ongoing Assessment: The dynamic nature of the 2020 COVID-19 crisis may result in new trends, data, testing methodologies, and therapies Thus consideration for ongoing intermittent updates and review may be necessary.
  4. The policy will specifically consider Patients, Staff, and Providers during:
    1. General Conduct & Sanitization
    2. Pre-Appointment Conduct (i.e., Scheduling)
    3. Non-Surgical Consultation & Follow-up Appointments
    4. Non-Surgical Procedure-based Appointments
    5. Pre-Operative Assessment and History & Physical Examination Appointments
    6. Surgical Appointments
      1. Pre-Operative Check-in
      2. Surgery
      3. Recovery
      4. Discharge
    7. Post-Operative Appointments