Rhinoplasty Surgery and Cartilage Grafts

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Millions the world over suffer from ageing related problems or physical injury that affects the nose. These can disfigure the shape of the nose and create aesthetic and medical complications if serious.

A rhinoplasty surgery changes the shape of the nose to make it functional and look appealing at the same time. It is a complicated surgery that often makes use of cartilage grafts to get the work done.

Cartilage Grafts in Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is no simple procedure and requires that your surgeon act as an architect, artist, engineer, and doctor at the same time. Reshaping the nose is no easy task as it can affect your breathing, and often surgeons working on the nose turn to cartilage grafts to make their work easier.

Doctors need to reshape the nose with tissues but the nose often has very little tissue they can work with. Rather than use additional cartilage from the nose, the safest option is to take cartilage from areas of your body where the cartilage is abundant, such as the following:

  • The nasal septum
  • The ear
  • The rib

These extra cartilage can be used to strengthen sections of your nose that are collapsing, or use that donor cartilage to fill out missing areas of skin to make your nose look whole and elegant.

Cartilage grafts are a common part of rhinoplasty surgery and you should always choose the best surgeon you can for long-lasting results.