Medical Spa Tacoma, Puyallup, Seattle area

  • Fraxel Dual Laser
    Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, skin pigmentation, sun damage, acne, stretch marks, freckles & age spots.
  • Laser Hair Removal
    Our state of the art Light Sheer Diode Laser provides safe & superior results. This laser demonstrates its effectiveness for permanent hair reduction.
  • Micro-Needling + PRP
    We obtain PlateletRich Plasma ( PRP) by drawing a small amount of blood from the arm. Plasma contains high concentration of platelets, stem cells and growth factors, which we use topically for the treatment.
  • Silk Peel Dermal Infusion
    3 in 1 advanced dermal infusion technology EXFOLIATES, EXTRACTS, INFUSES for radiant, rejuvenated skin.
  • Chemical Peels
    Highly effective treatment for erasing fine lines, smoothing areas of rough skin, evening pigmentation & age spots, eliminating small scars and improving tone & texture.
  • Dermaplane
    Gently, yet dramatically removes the dead cellular layers of your skin along with vellus & terminal hair. Provides noticeable changes in skin texture.
  • Crystal Microderm
    Gently and gradually exfoliates skin surface cells to reduce damage to the epidermis caused by the sun and other environmental and hereditary factors

  • IV Fluid Infusion
    IV fluid therapy infusions directly into the bloodstream using a minimally invasive procedure. By using IV delivery, 100% of the administered dose of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fluids is absorbed immediately. Hydration, Detox, and Revive.
  • Vitamin B12 Shots
    B Vitamins provide energy, a metabolism boost, healthier skin and muscles, and a stronger immune system. Vitamin B12 is also essential for turning food into energy.

  • Microblading
    Semi permanent “tattooing” of the eye brows using individual hair strokes to create a natural look that lasts up to two years.
  • Lash Extensions
  • Lash & Brow Tinting
  • Body & Facial waxing